Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm NEVER Going Back.......I Mean It This Time

The last 3 times I have gone to our local indoor playland I have sworn that it is the last time until Davis understand or gets over this stage.

I went today.

Thinking, he might not be that bad.

Last time it was soooooo busy.

That is why he had a 2 hour meltdown after we left.

Yeah, that's it.

Today it wasn't crowded, he did fairly well.

He did hog the roller coaster toy and scream at every other kid that came near it.

He does this every time we go.

We have one at home.

He uses it like once a week.

Could care less.

We go there and it is the BEST mother effing roller coaster toy ever invented.

Today when he wasn't looking I hid the damn car behind the playhouse there.

Out of sight, out of mind.

It worked, he forgot about it and we moved on.

After that he was pretty good.

Bouncing in the bounce houses, making friends, having a grand old time.

Then it was time to leave.


All hell breaks loose.

I'm trying to carry a very strong, very pissed, 2 year old along with his coat, shoes and my bag.

I ended up losing his shoes under a freaking mini van.

Couldn't get him strapped in his car seat.

Finally got him strapped in.

Retrieved said shoes.

I'm now sweating my ass off and it is only 50 degrees outside.

I get in the car, he is screaming, hitting himself, hitting the window of the car.

I say to myself, THIS IS IT, THE LAST TIME.

Because the last three times I said it, it didn't sink in.

So unless that place starts selling booze and rent-a-nannies to play with the kids while the mommy's drink, you will not see me there for about 9 months, when Davis turns 3.

On the way home he managed a new trick.

Escaping the car seat.


It is only noon and I need a drink.


Sassytimes said...

This made me laugh out loud because MAN, I'VE BEEN THERE! Sophia used to throw the biggest fits ever each time we left. It was awful and so embarrassing. I would try everything to get her out of there without a struggle (bribing, etc.) and nothing ever worked. Each time, she screamed bloody murder and ran away...with me chasing her, carrying her, along with her chubby newborn sister. ;)

Hang in there! They DO grow out of it. Now, when it's time to leave, Sophia will sometimes start a fit, but most times, she just says "ok". Give it til Fall and I'm sure he'll be over it. Luckily, it's summer soon and you can just take him outdoor places.

Lindsey said...

we're in the same stage...glad I'm not the only one dealing with it. Davis is a little younger than Reece, but what has worked REALLY well with him lately is setting a timer. I just set the one on my watch, and he knows that when the timer beeps it's time to leave. He rarely puts up a fight now, and I think because it helps him feel a little more in control and not just being told to do something all the time. It's worth a shot. Good luck!

Jen said...

OMG, I laughed so hard at this, I damn near pissed my pants! LOL. They way you tell stories and the things you say, crack me up! Alexandria is just starting to get to the fit stage and the fight/cry/yell in the carseat.. I'm so not looking forward to the terrible 2's!