Monday, February 28, 2011

And Today is One of THOSE Days

I love that I have had the opportunity to stay at home with Davis, don't get me wrong, I cherish every single moment.

But days like today, I'd love to go back to my old job and sit at my desk, even on the most stressful of days that I ever had there, it would be like a mini vacation.

Today everything we own is apparently a toy, the 100 cards that Davis just dumped all over my kitchen floor, the entire roll of garbage bags he managed to get and unroll in less than 10 seconds, the roll of toilet paper he unraveled after his bath, all of my jewelry that he got out of my jewelry box while I was getting dressed and tossed all over the room.

My husband cannot wait to get back to work come Sunday night.

I don't think he realizes that being a stay at home mom is a job.

It is a hard job, harder than any "real" job I've ever had.

I know that being a working mom is just as hard, but in other ways.

I couldn't wait to be a stay at home mom, I thought EASY STREET.  It has to be the easiest thing to do, ever.  I'm in I thought to myself!!!!  Just think of all the great day time TV I'll get to watch.

Hell, I don't even watch as much as a commercial these days.  I actually watched more day time TV when I worked.

Tomorrow I am going to do a special blog post and log my entire day.

Davis has been up since 10 a.m., it is now 1 p.m. and my back feels like it could break in two, I am out of breath as I type this and I've got a good 8 hours to go before he hits the sack.

Did I mention Davis hasn't napped in months?

That means not a break for mommy all day long.

And my husband wonders why some days I have a short fuse and am super grouchy when he gets home.

Other days are easier than others, today is just one of THOSE days.

I need a beer!



Sassytimes said...

It IS hard! Does Davis sit still to watch movies? I'm wondering what I'll do once nap time goes away...I need that break during the day.

Jen and Justin said...

A Stella beer right! ;) amen