Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project Organization - Day 1

After being holed up in my house the last month due to sickness I realized how many unfinished projects we have around here.  I am going to use the winter months to get caught up on everything I didn't finish because I was constantly going all summer and fall.

Today I felt better so I did a project.

It only took me one hour and Davis had a blast emptying rocks out of candle holders in our room. 

It made a world of difference.

I went through both of my closets.

I have two bags of clothes to donate to a local high school as they are having a garage sale this weekend and the proceeds go to support after prom. 

I have one large box to take to a local resale shop in hopes to get some money for my nearly brand new clothes and clothes that still have tags on them.

This was a wake up call for me.

It made me realize how much we waste as Americans.

I'm guilty, your guilty, we are all guilty.

So in my effort to spend less this year, this project for sure reminded me to keep that goal going.

I'm sure I am giving away a good $1,000 worth of clothing, purses and shoes.


On the upside, my closets are neat, organized and I can now find that favorite sweater I'm always searching for.

My goal is to at least do 3 of these projects each week.  Some I can do by myself, some will require my husband's help.

This weekend I want to sit down with him and make a list of things we need to complete together.

Here are a few exciting ones that I can think of off hand for you to look forward to reading about:

1. Update 2nd bathroom

2. Convert Davis' "baby" room into a "toddler" room

3. Paint the front room for the 5th time since we have lived here and change it from a never used sitting room into a dining area

4. Hang photos

5. Paint, decorate, the whole shabang to the spare bedroom

Some of the less interesting things on my list are:

1. Keep the pantry/utility room off the garage organized at all times

2. Keep Davis' baby book updated

3. Stay on top of printing pictures and making photo albums

4. Stay more organized in general

5. Make sure both bathrooms get a good scrub down every 2 weeks

6. Cook dinner every night of the week

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Angi said...

I am guilty of so many of these. Printing pictures, keeping up on B2's baby book.
Do you meal plan? It will help SO much in regards to cooking every night of the week.