Friday, February 25, 2011

Date Night

I had a busy day yesterday, met some moms from my mom's group at the mall for a playdate.

I was there at 10 a.m. sharp.  I was shocked.

I used to be always on time, actually always early.

Then I had a baby.

Now I'm usually late.

But we were not late, yippee!!!

Davis played for about an hour, then we packed up so I could hit the clearance rack at my favorite (overpriced) section at Dillards.  I saw the racks, 70% off!!!  Jackpot!!!!

I found one shirt for $20, but some crazy lady was in line ahead of me buying a pile of clothing and we were on a time crunch because we had to get to therapy on the other side of town.  I didn't have time to wait.

I hung the shirt up and left.  Oh well, I saved my husband $20.

We went to therapy.

Davis did so well and the therapist said he has made such improvements since he started last month.

Then I dropped Davis off at my parents, I'm not even sure why actually.

I think they missed him.

Davis stayed the night at my parents house and my husband and I went on a date.

Mancy's Italian.


I had a Mojito, which was just eh.  I think the waitress was trying to get me drunk because that thing was nothing but Rum.  I could only drink half of it.  I should have just had my old stand by, beer.

We had dinner and dessert.  Jeff had fish and I had scallops and shrimp.

I tried to convince him we needed a vacation, he isn't buying it.  If I bug enough I usually get what I want, I'll just keep at it.

Then we came home and caught up on all the shows we had DVR'd in the past week.

And we waited for the snow.

It came.

My husband had the day off today, I'm sure many of you know he is a sports freak.

He plays competitive softball every summer.

Not for fun softball.

Serious softball.

World Series of Softball serious.  When I was pregnant we traveled to Disney Wide World of Sports for the World Series of Softball that he played in that year.  The past two years it has been in Sterling Heights though.

It makes me giggle. 

But whatever, it makes him happy.

Although for the last 3 years he always says, this is my last season, my knees, hips and ankles can't take it, I'm old. 

He is 36 and still playing.  

Anyways, his team is having a fundraiser tonight so that is why he took the day off, to do fundraiser preperations.

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Sassytimes said...

I hate that about Dillards. There is always only one person checking out. I hate waiting, so I always walk around until I find someone in another department. They seem like they work on commission, so they never mind checking me out in their department. ...and it saves me time. ;)