Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I feel like talking about cleaning today.

Only because I cleaned the utility room off the garage today.

During the winter we like to enter the house through the garage so we can take our dirty shoes off in the utility room to save from tracking muck through the house.

With the insane amount of snow we had the room became trashed in just a few weeks.

I didn't bother to clean it up well because I was sick for the entire month of January, there is no heat out there so it is freezing cold and it would have became just as dirty within 5 minutes of my cleaning it.

It is warm today.

Like summer.

Okay, 46 degrees.

But summer for us, considering it was 5 degrees last week.

I swept up all the little salt pellets that got tracked in.

Took the steam mop to the floor.

Re-organized the entire room.


Love it.

I love clean.

I love organization.

I hate lots of stuff.

Which brings me to why I don't have a lot of decor around my house.

I am a minamalist

So is my husband.

One less thing to dust and clean is my thinking.

No reason to have my kitchen countertops cluttered with crap.

They look prettier bare.

My mom is super clean, I'd eat off her toilets, seriously.

But she likes decor.

Depression glass, pictures, little hurricane lamps, roosters.

She has 38 roosters in her kitchen.

I'd hate to dust all that crap.

I think it would annoy me as a kid sometimes that she had all these little decorations to clean around.

Which is why I decorate with the fewest items I can get away with.


Sassytimes said...

LOL, you sound like my husband and I. It's also easier to have little decor, so you don't have to worry about kids breaking things.

Jene said...

I agree, but then I got a cleaning lady :p