Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

My first date with Jeff was on Valentines Day 2004.

NOT a good day for a first date.

I don't think either of us really thought that out well.

Every single restaurant in town was packed.

We waited FOR-EVER to eat dinner.

We ended up having a 2nd date the following week.

It went much better.

Then I decided I was more interested in someone else.

I'll bet you didn't know that.

So I really didn't officially date Jeff until sometime in the Fall of 2004, maybe even the Winter of 2005.

At any rate we got engaged on my birthday in September 2006.

We went to Hocking Hills.

I thought he was getting me a Yorkie.

WTF, a yorkie???

Like really, a yorkie??

What did he do pack it in a bag and drive it all the way down to Hocking Hills with me in the car.

It was really an engagement ring.

I was shocked to say the least.

My husband was NEVER getting married.

And then we got married on the hottest day October 6 had ever seen since like 1800 and something. 

It was like 90 degrees.

I chose the Wolcott Museum Chapel.

Quaint, cute, historical, no a/c.

But who needs a/c in October.

Well, apparently we did.

It was memorable.

I remember after our wedding my friend Jen told me she thought I was wearing a bra with clear straps with my dress.

Then she realized it was just sweat.

So there you have it.

First date: February 14, 2004

Really dating somewhere around Fall 2004 or Winter 2005

Engaged: September 3, 2006

Married: October 6, 2007
Proof of the sweat, see my neck and forehead


Jodi said...

I loved your wedding day... still the funnest reception hands-down. Too bad you had to miss the after-party at the Bier Stube.

Sassytimes said...

You were a beautiful bride Jill. We got married in early June and it too was the hottest day ever. We got married outside and I remember sweat pouring down my legs under my gown. Sexy, right?! LOL.