Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We finally figured out the cause of Davis' extreme fussiness, he is Colic. It is the worst thing I've ever experienced, I cannot even begin to explain what it is like to have a colic baby. My sister was colic and I never really fully understood what it was like for my mother and now I do. It is horrible, no wonder she pulled all her eyelashes out. Imagine having your newborn cry for hours on end for no reason, he isn't wet, he isn't hungry, everything is fine except for the fact that nothing you do makes your baby happy or stop crying.

It started out as just fussiness here and there, no big deal, but as he has gotten older the fussiness has lasted longer and longer and longer. Today he started at 7 a.m. and didn't settle down until 4:30 p.m. He fussed and cried that entire time. Sometimes he looks up at me with his eyes all red from crying and he just looks so exhausted, but he just keeps crying. It breaks my heart because he can't tell me what is wrong I just have to try different things that get him to calm down for brief periods of time. Sometimes he will finally fall asleep and I can put him to bed only to have him up 10 minutes later screaming and crying.

The pediatrician said most colic babies are fine by the age of 3 months. She recommended I purchase some probiotic drops for children manufactured by a company called BioGaia. I called every pharmacy in Toledo looking for these and nobody sold them, I ended up ordering them online from the manufacturer to the tune of $50 for a 30 day supply. I don't care how much they cost, if it helps him even a tiny bit I will be happy.

Colic is kind of an unexplained thing, nobody really knows the true cause of it, therefore there really is no true remedy. I have blamed myself, was it the 2 cups of coffee I drank every day, was it the million popsicles I ate towards the end of the pregnancy, was it all the oranges I ate. I need to stop beating myself up because I know it is not something I did, but it is hard not to blame yourself.

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