Monday, April 27, 2009

Funny Post I Found From January

I was looking back through my blog, reminiscing about my pregnancy and came across this. I made a list of my pregnancy fears, so I copied them and decided to comment on all of them now that I have actually given birth.

Here it is:

1. Contractions, I'm trying to imagine how painful they will be. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so your pain might not be the same as what I consider pain. Time will tell I guess.

The contractions were super painful, so much for that high pain tolerance I have. In all honesty if I knew I'd only have to deal with that pain for say a few hours I could have done it drug free, but being in that pain for several hours was just crazy.

2. Delivering the placenta

Mine came out on it's own, no pushing, nothing. The doctor pushed lightly on my belly and it came out like a minute after Davis was born. I even asked to look at it because I'm weird like that, it was just a blob, but it was still pretty cool.

3. Blood and god knows what else oozing out of me.

Jeff said there was a lot of blood, but I never saw any of it.

4. The gigantic pads you have to wear after the baby is born, I guess I'll just borrow my g-ma's Depends

The pads were not bad, in fact I kind of liked them, especially the mesh panties. If you have had a child you will know all about the fabulous mesh panties.

5. Episiotomies (not sure how to spell that)

This was one thing I never discussed with my doctor, I was planning on asking her about it at my 38 week appointment, but never made it to that one for obvious reasons. My doctor didn't deliver my baby, her partner did, but neither of them do episiotomies, they don't like them. They believe they cause more problems. I did end up having a 2nd degree tear, but I couldn't tell.

6. Having a catheter

The hospital I deliver at does not put a catheter in you when you get an epidural, they did a straight catheter about 5 minutes before I started pushing which means they put one in, let you pee and take it back out. That was it. Simple. I felt nothing.

7. Strangling my husband for getting me pregnant, I hope hospital security doesn't have to intervene on that one.

My labor and delivery was so easy that I didn't even feel like killing him. I did however want to kill him over his phone ringing non-stop, but I guess that is what he gets for being a boss, right? Work called him about every 10 minutes, no joke. His ringer is the Ohio State Fight Song and I went off the deep end about it an hour after I delivered because I couldn't take hearing that fucking song anymore (pardon my french).

8. Not being able to go #1 or #2 after delivery, I got some advice from a good friend, she told me to ask for an enema when I first arrive at the hospital and I'm taking her advice.

I did not get an enema when I arrived, I kind of forgot about it. Peeing was easy, as soon as the epidural wore off and I could walk I got up and peed. I peed right away and it did not hurt. I also went #2 about 2 days after delivery, it wasn't the most fun experience I've had, but it also was not horrible. Just take colace every single day after delivery and your golden.

9. Having an emergency c-section and while I'm in recovery having everyone in my family and Jeff's family hold my baby before me. If they do that hospital security might have to be called in because I'll have a flip out moment and when Jill has a flip out moment it isn't pretty.

I didn't have a c-section.

10. Having a bitchy nurse.

I loved all of my nurses, but the nurse during my labor was INCREDIBLE!!!! I loved Anita!!!

11. Feeling pushed into taking drugs that I don't want.

I never felt like anything was being pushed onto me.

12. Annoying visitors, I just want to rest people.

Visitors are annoying, but what are you going to do, they want to see the baby. The only day it sucked was Saturday, I was so tired and I was trying to breastfeed but it seemed like I had never ending visitors and ended up giving Baby D formula that day because I never got a private moment.

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