Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Little Yankees Fan

We put Davis' Yankees hoodie on him tonight for his walk with daddy. It is a little big, but he didn't care, it kept him warm.

Go Jeter!!!


Valerie said...

*sigh* You bring a gorgeous child into the world and then you go and scar him for life with Yankees garb.... sad... so very sad....


Valerie said...

Jilly bean, when you get a chance, shoot me an email with YOUR email addy. I can't find the one I had for you anymore and I have a photo to send you.

Also, have you heard from anyone at UT? I survived the latest round of layoffs, but have been very surprised at some of the names I'm hearing that didn't.

Heh. My verification word to post this is "rockey." How coincidental is that?