Wednesday, July 18, 2012


-I feel like every summer the heat waves are lasting longer and longer. I am dreading our electric bill from July.

-I was busy every day last week. I am taking this week off. No commitments.

-My allergies are a disaster in this weather.

-I am looking forward to our mini family getaway for 3 days to a super kid friendly indoor/outdoor water park that is just a short drive away.

-July is halfway over. Where did the summer go? As a kid it always felt like it was so long and now that I am an adult it just flys by.

-Maybe I don't understand because I have a boy but competitive dance/cheer at 4 years old just seems like a little much to me. It seems like these moms are just living through their kids.

-Parents who ignore their kids and think everything they do is hilarious even when it is bad drives me nuts.

And with that I leave you with a fabulous new find:

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Sassytimes said...

My allergies are awful too...seems I never get a break anymore. I see shots in my future again. Ugh.