Saturday, July 28, 2012


When Davis was still doing therapy they suggested we download some learning apps to our iPhones and iPod.

Since Jeff and I both have iPhones we dedicated the iPod touch to Davis for these learning apps.

I downloaded several kid friendly learning apps that were easily understood and played by a toddler.

After he became bored with those he'd start asking us for other things.

I want a Spongebob game.

I want a Phineas & Ferb game.

I want a Pocoyo game.

All games meant for elementary school aged kids.

Like the suckers we are, we bought some of those apps for him.

Not that he can't play them, he can, however they are much harder for a 3 year old to play than they are for an 8 year old.

Most of the time when he plays these particular apps they end up with him being frustrated as well as myself and my husband because it requires us to spend X amount of time assisting him or basically playing them for him.

That wasn't the point of him getting the opportunity to use the iPod.

The point was to help him with his language skills, learn words, letters, numbers, etc...

My plan is to delete every app off our iPhones and the iPod that are clearly beyond Davis' years.

Then I will buy some new learning apps that are a little more advanced than the ones he got bored with, but not too advanced, they obviously need to be within the proper age limit.


Do your kids play with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch?

Should I just take it away all together?

I feel like kids are growing up in a TV, computer, tablet, DVD in the car constantly, life and while it is great for parents to get a break, is it really great for their little minds?

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