Friday, September 2, 2011

New Car Confusion

I posted a while back about buying the lease out on my Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The time is here.

But I am a Virgo and Virgos are research freaks.  I can't do anything until I research all options.

My poor husband is humoring me and going to look at new cars this weekend.

My top pick is a Honda Pilot.

His top picks are an Infiniti and a Land Rover.....really???

We are not the Kardashians.

If we do get something different, mark my word, it will be the Pilot.  I already found it and am in love.

Of course, we will probably end up with the Jeep.

But you gotta weigh all options, right?

1 comment:

BSunB said...

A coworker just traded in her old Pilot for a new Pilot. Too big for me but she loves it. I'm just fine with my Jeep. I just really would love a new Jeep.