Monday, August 29, 2011

Tuna Noodle Casserole?

Before I get into this story, let me give you some background on my MIL's eating habits.

This woman likes nothing and when I say nothing, I mean nothing.

She is extremely picky, to the point she is flat out rude about it.  She has no problem making gagging noises when invited over for holiday dinners.  She also has no problem finding out exactly what you are serving and bringing over her own tasteless versions of the same food.

I won't even go to a restaurant with her anymore because she is so picky, she will send her food back numerous times, ask for the impossible and by the time you are done you are just so embarrassed and exhausted that it isn't even worth it.

Not to mention she will only eat at chain restaurants, god forbid she step foot into something a little classier and locally owned.  She prefers shoe leather over a good steak.  No shit, she instisted we go to Applebees for dinner a few years back and sent her steak back over 3 times because it wasn't done enough.  By the time she got it back it was like a piece of leather, but she enjoyed it.

Now, onto my story.

Last week my husband declared he wanted me to make tuna noodle casserole because his mom made it when he was a child and he loved it.

I said fine, I'll make it for you.   I am not a huge fan of tuna, but he asked for it, so I will make it.

I start looking through some of my recipe websites for recipes.  I found several and they all sounded pretty darn good.  Cheese, cream of mushroom soup, onions, celery, crushed crackers or chips.  Not bad.

I read him some of the recipes and he tells me NO, those are nothing like his mom's recipe.  Her recipe is apparentely awesomeness and he will call her to get it.  I said fine, get your mom's recipe and I'll make that.

He gets a hold of her and gets her list of ingredients. 


Egg Noodles.



Wah???  I say, Jeff, something is missing.

That cannot be the recipe.

It sounds horrible.

In fact, it sounds like something they serve in prison.

He gets mad at me, tells me that just because it isn't my mom's recipe I don't like it.  I said back to him, Jeff, seriously, something is missing.  It can't just be those 4 ingredients.  Where is the flavor?

Then I remember who his mom is.

The pickiest woman alive.

I'm pretty sure she took one of those fabulous sounding recipes, removed everything with flavor and voila, her version of Tuna Noodle Casserole.

I will be making this recipe for him and I will report back on whether he enjoys it at the age of 36.

My guess is no.

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Sassytimes said...


My mom made tuna casserole when I was a kid too and I loved it. I still make it sometimes in the winter as an easy meal (and sometimes with chicken instead of tuna). Her recipe sounds runny and gross.

I just mix egg noodles, tuna (or chicken), peas, cream of mushroom soup, milk and cheese. Top with cheese and french onions and bake until bubbly. ..and obviously seasonings to taste.

I'm curious to know if he likes it...maybe he will if it reminds him of his childhood. So funny.

I think some people just have bland taste buds. S will only eat things that are bland. E loves things that have a ton of flavor. Maybe S will grow up to be like your MIL. LOL!