Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Not 80

But I have shingles.


I thought I had a spider bite. 

I noticed this red spot near my hip bone on Monday and assumed it was a spider bite.

I also noticed that I was in a lot of pain around my back, down my butt and down my leg, but just thought it was from chasing Davis.

Today I woke up and the spot was so painful that I decided I probably had a bite that got infected and better get into the doctor before the weekend.

She took one look and said, that isn't a bug bite, that is shingles.

Then asked me if I had any other symptoms and I told her about the odd pain that started before I noticed the spot and she said, yep, most likely shingles.

Here's to a little Valtrex and Benadryl cream.

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Sassytimes said...

You poor thing. I get shingles too. I've gotten them since I was a toddler. The only time I break out is during very stressful times. I bet going back to school made you break out. :(

Pink Calamine lotion is amazing - gross and unattractive, but amazing.