Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 1: Back to College

It is only day 1 of my new adventure and I'm already feeling frustrated, confused and on the verge of tears.

First of all, I still don't have my book for one of the classes, it is supposed to be here tomorrow.

I have an assignment due by Thursday in that class and a test Friday and no book.

Being a full time stay at home mom I didn't expect this to be easy.

It is hard to concentrate on anything with a 2 year old running around.  So I'm hoping to drag my butt out of bed a few hours earlier than normal a few days a week and dedicate that to school.  It also helps that Davis spends each Thursday at his daycare/therapy facility for 5 hours, which I may bump up to an entire day.

Okay, rambling, sorry.

This morning while Davis was being good and watching a show, I printed my syllabi for my classes and sat down to read them.

I get through one and am onto the next one when I hear a ton of commotion and crying.

This is totally my fault, but I left a bowl of oatmeal within his reach.

He managed to grab it and spill the entire bowl all over our carpeting in the family room.

It would have been an easier clean up if our carpent wasn't that stupid shag that came back in style.

Oatmeal and shag carpet don't mix well.

Then to try to clean that up with a very inquisitive 2 year old equals disaster.

He had a fit because I wouldn't let him take apart the Little Green Machine.

He takes everything we own apart, phones, remotes, vacuum cleaners, whatever he can take apart he does.

So, while trying to clean up this awesome oatmeal mess, I also had a very unhappy little boy who wanted the Little Green Machine to play with.

I spent an hour cleaning the mess up, all while Davis cried and yelled at me.

I felt like this was a sign from god telling me that going to school just isn't in the cards for me.

I feel like a failure already and it is only Day 1.

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Sassytimes said...

Awe, hang in there! You are NOT a failure. You just have to find the right time to do things. Can you work after he goes to bed? I don't even bother trying to do anything while my girls are awake; I've tried and it always ends in me being frustrated (which really isn't their fault for being curious and wanting to play with me). Instead, I wait til they go to bed and stay up way too late working. For me, it's better than getting up early (I'm not a morning person). ;)

I hope you catch your stride's only the first week! It'll get better!