Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Vicious Attack Dog

Maybe not so vicious, but she at least scares the kids away that are coming door to door every 5 minutes selling crap like magazines and candy bars.

I guess this means school is back in session?

I don't understand why parents allow their grade schoolers to go door to door selling things, alone.  This world is a sick place and I trust nobody.

Do you let your kids do this?  If your kids are not in school yet, will you let them do this?

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Sassytimes said...

No. My kids will never go door to door to sell things. 1) It's not the best way to market your items 2) it's not very safe and 3) it's very time consuming. That's what friends/family and grandma's who know EVERYONE are for. ;)

Whenever I sold things in school, my parents always hit up their bowling leagues, work and friends. I always sold things quick and easy with no unsafe neighborhood soliciting.

It IS funny though because we went to parent orientation for preschool tonight and they ALREADY have a cookie dough fundraiser set up in a few weeks. Preschoolers!!! Although, I'm pretty sure S could convince a homeless person to buy a tub of cookie dough. ;)