Friday, January 28, 2011

I Almost Had to Sue McDonalds

Maizy the wonder dog had a grooming appointment yesterday and on my way to pick her up from her spa treatments I decided to stop at McDonalds for a Caramel Mocha.  Yum!!  I hadn't had one since December and couldn't wait.  I get my mocha, pull out of the parking lot and take my first sip.


Whoa, hot, hot, hot, hot!!!

Wet, wet, wet, wet!!

Nice, I am now wearing my caramel mocha down the front of my sweatshirt and all over my pants.

Thank you little McDonalds worker girl who cannot appropriately attach the lid to the cup.

You are lucky I didn't sue.

Now I have to go to pick Maizy up at the groomer with coffee spilled from one end of me to the other.

Thank god I had a fleece jacket on I could zip up to hide the huge brown spot the size of Texas on my sweatshirt.

But now I look like I pissed myself.

I walk into the groomer to pick up Maizy, thank god nobody notices the huge spot on the front of my pants, or did they?

If you saw someone with a giant wet spot on their pants would you say something?



They totally noticed, I'm sure.

Just give me my dog!!!!!

I tell Suzie vet employee I am here to pickup Maizy.

She shuffles through some paperwork, gives me a weird look and walks away.

She comes back and says to me "Maizy cannot come home today, she needs to stay overnight"

I said, "Really?, Maizy the labradoodle?"

She says back, "Oh, that is right we have two Maizy's here today, Maizy the CAT who just got declawed and has to stay overnight and Maizy the DOG who got groomed."

She laughed and said she'd be right back.

The rest of the vet employees thought this was kinda funny and had to come out and ask me if I was positive I didn't want Maizy the cat.

No thanks, don't like cats, I'm allergic and they are evil.

Here comes Maizy, ears flopping in the wind, Valentines bows in her hair, looking slim and trim!

I hate picking Maizy up from the groomer.  She is neurotic.  It took me 3 times of doing this walk around the Jeep to even get her to jump into it.  Then when we get home I finally ended up having to lift her 74 lb. ass out of the car.  Then I decided to go outside the norm and walk her in through the garage.  Like I said, Maizy is neurotic, the garage freaked her out, I nearly didn't get her into the house.

Then I got home and realized it was really cold in my house.

The furnance is broken.


Our furnace is only 5 years old, what could be wrong??

I called.  The guy came out.  It was a $20 part.  Phew!!!

So, $98 for the service call and $20 for the part.

Furnance works.

A good day?

Maybe not a good day.

But a funny day.

A Jill day.

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Sassytimes said...

I would have went back to McD's and complained. You probably would have gotten a free one for next time. ;)

They gave us expired milk the other day. All their milk was expired. Nice.

...and we came home to no power yesterday. FREEZING COLD in our house right at nap time. Perfect.