Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goals for the New Year

I have a lot of goals for myself and my family for the new year.  Here is the run down:

1. Spend more time taking care of myself, the past year I feel like I've spent my me time running from playdate to playdate, to kids class to kids class.  Now that is all well and good, Davis needs interaction, but every single day of the week??  No, he does not, it leaves me with zero me time.  I am dedicating 1 day a week to a class and 1-2 days a week to playdates, no more than that.  I can't do it.  I'm tired of busting ass to get somewhere by 10 a.m.  I need to go to the gym, I need to also take care of mommy.  This is the year for it.  I'm putting my foot down.  My body image has suffered, my house is disorganized because I feel like I'm always on the go, go, go.

2. Stop impulse shopping online.  No explanation needed for this one.  Except that after I declared this I just couldn't resist a few cute sweaters from the devil store,

3. Save more money.  Jeff and I really want to move, we really need a bigger house.  We are running out of room.  Now, our house isn't tiny, 1900 sq feet isn't small, but it isn't quite getting it.  We have no basement, we have no storage.  But with the way the real estate pricing are dropping around here we just cannot afford it.  So our goal is to pay down our mortgage so much that it feels like we really are not losing our asses on this house, even though we are.  We have updated it a lot, not necessary by any means, the house was nice when we bought it.  Just not our style.  We know we will never recoup any of it, unless we stay here until the market rebounds and god knows when that will be, at this rate we will be here until we are 60.  So we will just cut our losses and move on.  I know we are not the only people in this situation.  Our goal, put the house up for sale by next Spring 2012.  We could do it now, but we'd probably break even on the mortgage and we just need to feel like we walked away with money, yeah, we are weird.  Even if it is only $5K.  Needless to say, someone is going to get a really cute house for a bargain.

4. Lose the rest of the damn baby weight!!!  God bless it!!!  See #1 for some of this.  I am telling you, until I was 28 weeks pregnant I worked out every single day.  At 28 weeks I had some problems arise and couldn't workout anymore, hell, I could barely walk to the bathroom.  Anyways, I have to get back into this and if I continue with my go, go, go lifestyle I will never do it.  I have to do this for ME! 

5.  Get more organized, again, see #1.

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Sassytimes said...

Thanks for sharing your blog, Jill. I love the randomness of it.

...and #1 on your resolution list is SO important! It's one of my main goals this year too. We have been staying home A LOT and not stressing out about being involved in so much crap. Not worth it.