Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is a 3rd Tooth Going to Make Its Appearance??

Davis has been super fussy since yesterday, the same fussiness he was last week when he got his two teeth. I read in my baby care book yesterday that the two bottom central incisors (the ones he just got) are followed by the 4 upper incisors. I wonder if that is why his upper gums look funny. Is it possible he could be getting an upper already??? Man, this seems so early. My neighbor told me her little guy didn't get a tooth until he was 7 months old. I guess Davis is just an over achiever.

Oh and if you have a baby but they are not teething yet take my advice and screw the Orajel and pick up some Hylands Teething Tablets, they are the only thing that work for Davis. You can even use it with Tylenol because the tablets are all natural!

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