Saturday, August 22, 2009

Davis Turns 5 Months Old!!!!! And Some Other News

Davis turned 5 months old on August 20! I honestly cannot believe he is that old already because it really seems like yesterday that I was in labor in delivery giving birth to him. They really grow too fast. Here is a list of his favorite things to do in no particular order: chewing on his feet, holding his feet, laughing, rolling over, trying to sit up, trying to crawl (god help me, this is a new one in the last few days), playing in his jumperoo, playing in his exersaucer and trying to pet the dog. He also enjoys drinking his formula, eating squash, carrots, bananas, sweet potatos and rice cereal. We are also buying him a convertible car seat this weekend because he is already outgrowing his infant seat. By the way the infant seat we have is supposed to go up to 30 lbs, but honestly I cannot imagine carrying around a 30 lb baby in one of those things. I think Graco missed the boat on that one, I can't imagine carrying around a 10 lb seat with a 30 lb baby in it. Although before I got pregnant that seat that went up to 30 lbs seemed so SMART, haha. Live and learn.

In other news, Davis has a girlfriend. Stella Jane was born on August 21 to Justin and Jen. Jen stopped by to visit us on August 20 and she mentioned some symptoms she had been having that day that were very similiar to the ones I had the day my water broke. She started having contractions that night!! I'm so happy for them.

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