Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2 of 30

I almost forgot about my post today. This morning Davis woke up around 5:15 a.m., had a ba-ba (bottle) and went back to bed until 7 a.m. We got up, he played, I drank some coffee, then he had another ba-ba and played some more. My mom came over to watch him so I could go to the gym. That is 2x I've been to the gym this week!! Woot!! Of course I bought a pint of Starbucks Java Chip ice cream today, so much for my diet. We had some visitors today, my cousin Amy is in town from Texas with her little guy, Milo. Milo will be two in about a month and he is a little cutie. Davis was fussy though because of his teeth, I wish he had been in a better mood for them.

I did not make dinner tonight, we'd planned on grilling chicken but it started pouring down rain. On the plus side our new gutters work!! Yay for the crappy gutters being gone. I had leftover meatloaf and a salad. Jeff is making cookies, I'm guessing that is going to be his dinner, hmmmmmm........

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