Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thoughts About High School

When Davis found my yearbook last night, I looked through the entire thing.

After I was done, I realized what dorks all the people were that I thought were IT.  You know the ones, the cool girls, whose parents had lots of money, got to drive new cars, had all the designer clothes, got invited to all the dances and parties, had 100s of friends.  The girl I always wished I was.

They really were not all that now that I am looking back.

Why did my high school self think I was such a dork and unattractive?

It took me 15 years to realize I wasn't a dork and I wasn't unattractive.

I was just a simple, nice girl.

I wish I could go back in time and tell that girl that all those people that she thought to be 1000 times cooler than herself end up not being so cool 15 years later.

And the guys I thought were just so hot....ummmm....let's just say.....UGLY.


Sassytimes said...

Haha...reality, right?

So many things I would tell my HS self.

...and the majority of 'those' people are losers now. At least in my case. Glad I was a bookworm ;)

Jen and Justin said...

isn't that So true! i knew back in highschool that would be the case though...i thought the "cool" people were the dorks, ha! I do notice if you bump into those people they actually realize it and seem to be nicer these days