Monday, April 23, 2012

Going Unplugged

I went all out over the weekend, I turned off the iPhone and computer and went old school for my sociology research project.

The first few hours were hard.

It was weird not grabbing my iPhone and checking FB updates every few hours, seeing what was new on Pinterest, being able to check my email whenever I wanted, not texting and not having the convenience of technology at my fingertips.

I used my land line all weekend long to talk.

I woke up Sunday morning and it was dead, I'm not used to using it and left it off the base.

I felt really refreshed though and I think I will be making a point to unplug at least once a week for 24 hours.

When I logged into FB Sunday night I then realized that the one thing I thought I'd miss the most, I didn't miss at all.

It was the same lame updates from the same people that always post useless information about themselves.

I'll still use FB, don't get me wrong, I love to be able to keep in touch with friends that live out of town, seeing pictures of friends and I love FB messaging.

However, useless status updates, done.

Logging in several times a day just to waste time reading useless information, done.

Here's to FB freedom!!!!

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