Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mission: House Organization

I'm currently on a "get the house sale ready" kick.

As if we are putting the house up for sale next week or something.

Now that Davis is older and sleeping, I actually feel motivated to tackle things around the house we've let slip.

The closets, the storage area and random unfinished projects, you know like that one last piece of trim I never painted and painting the new doors we hung but never bothered painting, who does that?

All things that a realtor would probably tell us to do.

Even if we don't sell the house soon, at least they are done and we will feel like we are DONE with this house.

I started back in December going through things and packing them away for a garage sale.

I was anxiously awaiting a decent day and watching the weather like a hawk.

I had my garage sale on Friday.

I made A LOT of cash.  It was actually the most I've ever made and I'm still wondering what the heck I sold to make that much.

We used it to buy 4 new bar stools for our island that I've been eyeing since last summer.

We bought 5 new trees for the yard.

We bought Davis a car bed (used).

And I still have some leftover, not sure what that will be used for, maybe some mad money but probably for a new floor in the laundry room.

Saturday I got all motivated and tackled the utility room that is off our garage.

Holy crap.

It has never looked this good, you can actually see the floor and there are no more random pieces of dog food on the floor.

Today I tackled the linen closet.

The linen closet was terrible.

It was embarassing.

I hated getting in there.

Towels everywhere, all a mess.

Sheets tossed in, not folded correctly, not with their match.

Pure disaster.

Blankets we haven't used since before we met.

It was awful.

When I got everything out of there today I almost started crying after realizing how much stuff was actually in there.

It isn't a small closet either.

It was just so unorganized that it made it look and feel like there was no room.

I only got rid of 3 things I had stored in there.

Everything else went back in, but in storage totes and in a more organized fashion.

I now have an entire wall of shelves empty!!!!!

Yes, the closet that was packed full, both sides of shelves, not a room for even a penny, has an entire wall of shelves EMPTY!!!!!!!!!!

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Jen and Justin said...

feels good doesn't it!