Monday, April 23, 2012

Davis' 3 Year Check Up

Last week we had Davis' 3 year check up.

While getting measured he was very uncooperative, he kept bending, tipping his head, it was a little frustrating for the nurse so she just gave up and marked him as 39.5 inches tall.  Which I knew was off as I measure him at home.

But, I didn't care.

The doctor said Davis was looking very good, she was happy he was finally gaining weight and most of all, talking our ears off!!

She was really concerned about his runny nose, the nasal sound he has when he talks, the fact that he doesn't breath through his mouth, the dark circles under his eyes, etc...

All signs of allergies she said.

She suggested we see our ENT again, just in case his adenoids grew back and to get in with our allergist too.

Today we had our ENT appointment, Davis was so sweet, he even cooperated when they measured him so we were able to get his real height, not some guesstimate.

The ENT believes it is indeed allergies and said we can do testing right there in his office!

We will have those next week and go from there.

He said he will put him on some allergy medication once we complete the testing and if those don't help clear up his nasal passages that are swelled completely shut (this explains the mouth breathing and return of snoring) within 2 months that Davis will be scheduled for a nasal surgery.

Davis' 3 year stats:

Height: 41 inches
Weight: 34 lbs

Still long, lean and mean!

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