Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kids That Don't Listen

Davis does not listen to me, at all.

I'm not really sure if this is a phase or something I really need to be harder on him about.

I realized how bad it was yesterday when we were out playing in the leaves in our front yard, he took off to the road, I yelled stop, he looked at me and laughed, as a big truck was coming.

I have never moved so fast in my life.

As I get to him, he is already in the road, I grab him, he breaks away, throws himself and will not allow me to pick him up.

He is strong.

Trust me.

Fighting Davis is awful and tiring.

After that we went straight in the house where I explained to him how bad what he just did was.

He just laughs at me.

This isn't our first incident like this that involves vehicles that could seriously injure or kill him.

He has an extremely difficult time leaving places.

There have been about 10 times where he has managed to break away from me in parking lots because he is so distraught we have left the place we were just at.  He runs across the parking lots, not knowing that he needs to look for cars all while mommy has to drop everything she is carrying, keys, purse, etc... to take off after him.

I am back to taking a stroller with me, everywhere, because of this problem.

It is the only way I can ensure he isn't going to get away.

Please help me!!!

It has gotten to where I don't even want to take him anywhere anymore.

I don't even want to get into the fight we have getting him in the car seat when he is severly upset we have left somewhere.  That is another story, let's just say I have basically just shut the doors to the car while he has a fit on the floor for over 20 minutes way too many times.


Sassytimes said...

It's a phase...and completely normal! He sounds like he's between 2 and 3 behavior. I have BOTH right now. Ugh. So, I feel you.

You just have to stay strong and keep disciplining him about the ones that are dangerous (parking lots). He'll learn in time...and then he'll turn 3 and choose to not listen to you even more. ;) Ha.

It does get better though...hang in there! He's trying to learn who's boss.

E is all about breaking away and running through parking lots right now and she gets in trouble every single time. And cries. Fun. And then refuses to sit in her carseat and throws a fit on the car floor. Fun. S has issues listening as well...she listens, she just chooses to not do what we ask her to do to see what comes of it. 3 is a very rough age. Sorry!

Emily said...

I don't have any good advice about the listening, but have you tried warning him about transitions? My son would freak out about leaving places, so we started warning him how much time he had left before it was time to leave a place/start a new activity ("Five minutes until it's time to go home." "Two more minutes until we sit down for dinner." etc.). It probably won't work immediately, but it's done wonders for my son. Good luck!