Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

Davis has been attending swimming classes at the YMCA since the last week of February, he loves swimming class so much, even though he is the only boy! Today our friends Jen and Stella joined us, they have been in Florida for 2 whole months! Stella is 7 months old and she is just a tiny little doll baby. They joined us in Kindermusik yesterday too, Davis was happy his little friend was finally able to join him in these exciting activities. We only have 2 swimming classes left, so I'm hoping my mom or dad or both can come take some pictures of us. I do plan on signing Davis up for the Spring session that begins the last week of April, so if I do not catch this session on film, we will get the next one.

Here is what happens after swim class:

And because I couldn't resist, here is my sweet little man, sound asleep in his stroller while on a walk at the park yesterday, awwwwwww:

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Jene said...

LOVE the post-swim picture! That is too precious.