Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can't Davis Catch a Break??

We found out this week he has an egg allergy, that is going to be another post of it's own though. Today I had to take him to the pediatrician, he has a double ear infection!!! Poor baby, this is the first one he has had.

I blame the snotty nosed kids that come to Kindermusik sick!!! There has been a little boy in our class that for the last 2 weeks has come with a very nasty runny nose and cough. I don't understand why you would bring your kid sick?? I don't do it, so why do you??? I think we might be done with Kindermusik, we have 3 sessions left and for the last month Davis has been sick. He gets over one thing, I take him to Kindermusik and bam, 2 days later, sick with something. Sometimes I just want to shout at those moms, they are probably the same asshats that go to work sick, just stay at home!!!!!

Did this turn into a stay at home when your sick vent?? Ha!

Davis is now taking Motrin for pain and an antibiotic, hopefully he will be good as new in a few short days.

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Jen and Justin said...

ok, i think we are noticing the same snotty boy in km - isn't his name isaac or something? he was the one i was swinging in the hammock last week right? if not, that kid had a snotty nose and i swear next time i'm handing his mom a tissue!