Thursday, February 2, 2012


1. Is it May??  Seriously, this weather is whack.  Did I just say whack?  Yes, I did and this weather is just that.  We have had one snow to speak of  and it was barely anything.  I'm afraid we are going to end up getting hit in April with some sort of freak blizzard.

2. My husband might trade my Jeep in today....Maybe.  We always look for cars to trade it in for, but fitting our requirements is hard.  The requirements are not being more than 4 years old and having the same amount of miles as the Jeep (22,000) or less.  This is hard to do, considering most cars that are 4 years old are going to have at least 40,000 miles on them.  He managed to find one that is 4 years old with LESS miles than my Jeep.  We love the Jeep, we do, but we love imports, think Honda, Acura, etc... so that is that.  We will see.  I'm not 100%  sold on this because I get attached to my cars, I'm weird.  I did drive potential new car yesterday and I gotta say, it is nice.  I will not reveal what it is unless we actually do buy it.

3. I got a new washer and dryer, woohoo!!  Why is it that every single year we do our taxes we end up having to buy lame stuff, like appliances?  We have replaced 3 major appliances over the last 4 months.

4. What is up with Demi Moore?  She must have gone over the edge when Ashton left her.

5. I'm down to a weight that I thought I'd never see again.  I'll tell you what it is because I'm so damn proud.  132!!!!!  Now, this isn't my goal weight, I'd still like to lose 10 more pounds, but I have come a long way in a year and I cannot believe it!!!  I bought a pair of jeans in the fall and they are too big now!

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Sassytimes said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I can't wait to start exercising again and get back in shape. I keep telling myself to be patient...but I miss running and the mental break it was for me AND the energy it gave me through the day. Coffee isn't doing the trick.