Saturday, February 4, 2012

On Our New Car

Yes, we bought a Mercedes.

This is a shock to us too.

We never in a million years ever considered buying a Mercedes.  Ever.

Let me tell you our list of what we were seeking out to trade my Jeep Grand Cherokee in for, Honda Accord, Honda CR-V or a Honda Pilot.

We started leaning more towards a car over an SUV because we are only having one child and my Jeep Grand Cherokee was the mother of all gas hogs.  It was so bad.  Here is how bad it was.  On Tuesday, I was on empty, I put $20 into the tank because of the possibility of trading it in.  I wasn't about to spend over $70 filling the tank up.  By Wednesday, I was on empty again.  GAS HOG!!!  We spent at least $150 a month on gas for that vehicle and I'm a stay at home mom that drives nowhere.

My husband had vacation days so he got bored and started searching for new cars.

He ran across a 2008 Mercedes C300 with 17,000 miles on it, one old lady owner, pristine condition, almost too good to be true.  This was honestly, the lowest mileage used car we have found in the 4 months we have been looking.

He texts me about it and says, do you want it?

I'm thinking, what is he talking about, I want a Honda Accord.  I have some strange attachment issues to Honda Accords, I have owned 2 of them and they are fabulous.  I get all teary eyed when I see one drive down the road because I miss my last one.

I text him back and say, I don't know, maybe.  Bring it home.  I thought we were looking for an Accord.

He brings it home, I drive it.  Eh, I like it, but I'm always eh, about cars anyways.

Before I know it we are trading the Jeep in and driving home in a Mercedes.

I feel kind of weird driving it.

Like other people are looking at me and thinking, oh, a Mercedes ::insert eye roll::

But it was seriously an amazing deal and we got a lot on our Jeep trade in, we got so much on that trade the finance girl was shocked.  She said people come in here with Jeep Grand Cherokees all the time because the are a dime a dozen in this town and they NEVER have this much equity, NEVER. 

The Mercedes is fancy shmancy.  It is like driving a spaceship, I have no clue how to work anything, it is completely loaded with every option you can get, I need the manual just to start the thing, haha.  You can push a button and talk to some lady and tell her what you want to do.  Like play CD 1 and she will play it.  Or play track 4 and she will play it.  Or go home and she will Navigate you home.  Davis likes that, he repeats everything I tell her, it is funny.  I feel like she is the next best thing to Siri. It also has a DVD player....what?????  Of course it is very safe and will only play the picture if you are driving 3 MPH or less since the screen is in the front of the car, so we probably won't use it that much.

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Sassytimes said...

Ha! Your eye roll comment made me laugh. My hubby drove a sporty Benz when I met him, up until we built our house. I hated it because I always felt awkward driving in people were always judging. We sold it because it wasn't practical with a baby on the way and driving country roads in the winter.

I say, enjoy it and who cares what people think. ;)