Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Single Awareness Day

I am not a huge Valentine's Day person.

Never have been.

However, my husband and I's first date just so happened to take place on February 14, 2004.

It was terrible.

Only because neither of us thought about what date it was.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and tried to get a table with no reservation on Valentine's day? Especially a Valentine's day that falls on a Saturday.

Let me tell you, it ain't happening, unless you want to wait 3 hours.

We made light of it, got drunk and went to dinner the following weekend.

Hard to believe that was 8 years ago.

Now we are married, have a kid and pushing 40...

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Wrestling Kitties said...

HAHAHA! Well happy first date Anniversary!

I think we have only celebrated our first Valentine's Day together...and we all know that was because we had just recently started dating and someone wanted some! Since then we have had 11 uncelebrated Valentine's Days and I am totally OK with that.

I will say this though, I am excited to do stuff for Valentine's Day when Henry gets older. That sounds fun!