Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"I'z" Is NOT a Word!!!!!

I said a few weeks ago I wasn't selling anymore stuff on CL.

I'm at it again.

I have a loveseat and an entire 3 piece set of family room furniture to sell.

I got two emails last night.

One of which was pretty interesting.

I know that people writing using text jargon is becoming an issue.

You see it first hand on CL.

Here is an email I received last night.

i am interested in your firniture, i have the cash 2 buy it, but i'z don't have a truck 2 pick it up

Let me point out the problems in this email.  First of all, it isn't even a proper sentance, not that I'm the grammer police or anything, I'm sure I incorrectly spell things or use improper puncuation sometimes.  I do know that you should at least capitalize the the word "I" and I know how to spell the word "furniture", "firniture", really???  Also, please stop using the number "2" instead of the word "to" or "too", unless your are texting someone it shouldn't be used that way.    And my personal favorite here is the use of "I'z".   WHAT THE FUCK????  "I'z" isn't even a word.  This chick has obviously been reading this a little too much.

More than likely since she doesn't have a truck, she is probably going to ask me if we can deliver it to lot #35 in the trailer park, right after she asks me to come down to $200 on the set I'm asking $350 for.


Have a Gr8 Day, I'z know that I will'z.

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Sassytimes said...

The saddest part about this is that it is what our youth is turning into. Most college students send emails to their professors like this. It's annoying and sad. No one learns English and grammar anymore. Everything is email and text message. My students are awful. I refuse homework and assignments if they do not use proper grammar. ;)