Sunday, June 26, 2011

Facebook Follow-Up

I lasted almost 2 days.

Apparently I like FB communication way too much to last even a week.


Truly, I do love the ease of comminicating via FB, text or email.

It is easy, you can respond when you have time and it is much easier to email a bunch of people at one time to figure out plans with them.


Here is my real point.

I grew up using a phone to call my friends to come over and play, chat till all hours with my BFFs, etc....

It scares me that in the age of technology that kids growing up with the ability to FB, text, and email will lose their ability to hold an actual in person or on the phone conversation with a person.

I'm sure Suzie Q who is 16 isn't calling her BFF and talking for hours, no, she is racking up thousands of texts per month instead.

Not to mention it is really annoying when you go out and everyone is glued to their phones, I'm guilty and I know you are too.

So in the age of technology, maybe everyone should try to make a conscious effort to "unplug" every now and then.

God, I sound like an old lady.

So anyways.

I'm back on FB.

So, FB chat me if you will or text or email or call.

1 comment:

Jen and Justin said...

i TOTALLY agree about being annoyed if with someone and they are glued to their phone texting, fb'ing whatever they are doing when looking down at that cell. i try my best not to do that when amongst company - i make a conscious effort and if i do do it it's because someone just called me and i need to look at it. but some times...i'm guilty!

ha, you lasted TWO days, too funny! just curb it - i go through phases each week, that works for me.