Friday, June 24, 2011


I've started to really hate Facebook.

It is such a mindless time suck.

I deactivated my account for a while.

I might activate it again, but for right now, I need a break.

I feel like nobody can communicate the normal way anymore.

On the phone.

Email, text, FB is all anyone knows how to do.

If you need me, call me.


Sassytimes said...


Carey said...

Is it wrong that my first instinct was to "Like" this post hahaha :)

Jen and Justin said...

it's so funny because i love the ability to communicate quickly during this time in my life. I'm all about a more personal correspondence, don't get me wrong, but with a toddler and all the projects i give myself - some times the ability to just quickly shoot a fb, email or text note to a friend or loved one to say "hi - thinking of you in my crazy busy life" is just perfect! i'm gonna miss you Jill! but i'll call you if that's what you prefer ;)