Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jill's Ultimate Favorite Things

If you watch Oprah, you understand the meaning of "Favorite Things".  Her "Favorite Things" episode, or should I say episodes, just aired a few weeks ago.  How I'd love to get in on that!  It is amazing, people who have tickets to her show just think they are going to a regular taping, she never reveals when her favorite things episode is going to be taped.  Imagine the feeling they have when it is revealed that they are on the set of the taping of her favorite things.  People get so emotional, it makes me cry just watching them.  Oprah gives away amazing things, cars, cruises, cameras, fancy jewlery, just to name a few. 

I'm not giving anything away here, but I just thought it might be fun to post a few of my favorite things every week or twice a week up until the holidays.

Here goes:

Jonathan Adler (RED) Ceramic Starbucks Travel Tumbler!!  I spotted this while indulging in a Peppermint Mocha last week at our local Starbucks, I just had to have it!!  $10.95

Chock Full O'Nuts - aka "the Heavenly Coffee"  I grew up with my parents drinking this coffee, so naturally my sister and I chug it as well.  $7.50 at Wally World

Model in a Bottle makeup setting spray.  This is the only reason my makeup stayed on my face at my 90 degree October wedding.  I have been a believer ever since.  $29.99 for 2 bottles on Ebay.

PSSSSSST Spray Shampoo.  I love dry shampoo, my sister swears by Oscar Blahndi but she is single and can afford $30 dry shampoo.  I'm a stay at home mom.  Rite Aid $6 (I think $6).  Anyways, I love this stuff.  I washed my hair on Thanksgiving and then used this all weekend, didn't was it again until Monday and you couldn't even tell!

I loveeee me some Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough.  Then I discovered When Hope Is Not Enough SPF!!!  Woot!!  I love a good wrinkle preventor.  Sephora $30 ish

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