Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Survived!!!

I survived the biggest boozing night of the year.

If you ever participated, you know which night I'm talking about.

The night before Thanksgiving.

In my younger years you could find me boozing it up at whatever happened to be my favorite bar that year, running into old friends in town to see their families, drinking too much, going to my grandmas the next day with a severe case of morning sickness, not the morning sickness your thinking of, you know, the kind you get from partying too hard.

The last few years I have "grown up".

I got married, became a mom.

Not that fun ends when you get married and become a mom.

Your idea of fun changes.

Last night my mom and I attended a funeral for a good friend.  Afterwards we decided to have a drink at a newer, locally owned restaurant in our downtown area. 

It was closed.


Oh well.

So we went to an old standy by.

Had a few beers.

I dropped her off, went inside to borrow some Zyrtec for Davis (I know).

I was home by 7:30 p.m.

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