Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ferber Update - Day 5

Davis had a great day today, despite the fact he had mommy up a long time the night before and woke up waaaaayyyyy too early. He attended Kindermusik and was beat afterwards so he got a nice, long nap. I'm starting to think a good nap is the key to better sleep at night, but that is just a theory, after reading this you will see why. He had no bath tonight as he was going swimming the next day and I figured that would be his bath (yeah, I'm one of those now). Jeff joked that I should take my baby shampoo with me and scrub him down. haha Okay, back to Ferber.

Tonights waits were as follows: first wait is 25 minutes, second wait is 30 minutes and subsequent waits are 35 minutes.

Well, folks, we had no waiting. Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!! Davis slept from 7:30 p.m. until 7 a.m. What a success!! I cannot really remember the last time he did that, he did do it the night he had surgery, but he truly was not with it so it doesn't count because he was drugged. I heard him wake up several times, fuss slightly, but after a few minutes fell back asleep. Has he learned to self soothe??? I'm starting to wonder, time will tell!

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