Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Change is Good, Right?

I posted a few weeks ago about some changes in my life.

Well, here it is.

I got a job.

I know.

You are probably shocked.

Despite what some people think I never wanted to stay at home forever.

I was considering school to become a physical therapy assistant and did get accepted into the program, however, as summer went on I just wasn't feeling it.

If I'm not feeling something 100% I'm not going to do it and I'm especially not going to spend a lot of money on something I'm not quite sure of and the school isn't cheap.

They will hold my seat up to 2 years if I change my mind.

I randomly started looking for part time administrative assistant jobs in July.

It isn't easy to find them, most are 40 hours a week and the part time ones I was finding were 30 hours a week.

I wanted something that wasn't anymore than 20 hours.

Then I found it.

I was looking about once a week at the available jobs at a local university and not really seeing much, it is a very small school.

Then one day it was there.

Administrative Assistant, 15-20 hours a week.


I immediately sent my resume in.

I received a call about 2 weeks later.

I scheduled an interview, which went really well and about a week later received a call to come in a 2nd time.

I was so nervous.

I wasn't sure if it was to come in for a job offer or a 2nd interview.

It was a 2nd interview, but I also knew I had the job from the way she worded things, they were just waiting on checking the rest of my references.

Two days later I received a phone call and was offered the job.

I'll be working anywhere from 15-20 hours a week, no more than 20 hours and sometimes less than 15 hours.

It is the perfect job for a mom who wants the best of both worlds.

It also helps that Davis will be in preschool so I won't feel so bad.

On the days he is at preschool he will attend the maximum of 5 hours a day.  The preschool is only 3 hours, but they offer extended days for up to 5 hours each day.

The other two mornings I work I will drop him off at my mom's, who lives within walking distance of my job and pick him up a few hours later when I'm done.

I'm excited, nervous and excited!!!!



Sassytimes said...

Sounds perfect for you! And how great that you have your Mom to help you out. That's awesome for all of you.

Emily said...