Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sssssh, Quiet

I can remember how worried we were when Davis didn't talk by a year, then 15 mos., then 18 mos., then 2 years.

Doctor visits, therapy and even an autism diagnosis.

Then the snoring started again.

We took him back to the ENT.

He was shocked at the size of our 2 year olds tonsils.

Last June he had them removed.

3 weeks later he started talking and hasn't stopped since.

And he never was autistic, take that behavioral pediatrician that smugly said "I suppose the ENT wants to take all the credit for his talking" at a follow up appointment we took Davis to where he informed us Davis was indeed not autistic.

It makes me wonder how many other kids are mistakingly diagnosed with autism.

Not that I don't believe autism exists, it does.

But it angers me that because a doctor can't figure out why a kid won't talk they just slap an autism diagnosis on it.

I believe 100% the reason Davis didn't talk was purely from having large tonsils. To me it is no coincidence to go from zero words to 5 word sentences within 3 weeks of having them out.

Sorry for my ramble.

I was just sitting here thinking, wow, a year ago this kid said no words and now I can't get a word in edgewise, he never shuts up. Ever.

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