Monday, June 25, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Summertime just sucks all of my time away and I keep forgetting to blog.  I have all of these grand ideas in my head and then I get distracted by other things.

Here is just a little bit of what has been going on lately.

Davis and I went strawberry picking a few weeks ago, the fresh strawberries were delicious and this was such a fun adventure for us.  Davis just wandered around talking to anyone who would listen to him (chatty Cathy) and would pick the occassional strawberry to eat while he chatted up his new friends. We I ended up picking 8 quarts of strawberries!!!  I didn't know what to do with all of them, so I cleaned them, hulled them and froze them right away since strawberries tend to go bad quickly.  I made freezer jam with 4 qts and oh boy, talk about trouble.  It has been 2 weeks since I made it and I'm on my 3rd jar.  Did I mention nobody else eats the jam but me?  and I may or may not just eat it straight from the jar with a spoon...I'll never tell :o)

I attended my very good friend Jen's baby "sprinkle".  Her adorable babysitter wanted to host something special for her, even though this is her 2nd baby, so she threw her a "sprinkle".  I made some super yummy sangria and took it to the party, not to toot my own horn or anything but it was pretty darn good.  It was very easy too, 1 bottle of sweet white wine (like moscato) and 36 oz. of Fresca, throw in some fresh fruit for added prettiness if you like.  I doubled the recipe, so I used 2 bottles of wine and a 2 liter of Fresca and I used frozen fruit I bought at the grocery store because I figured frozen would keep the sangria cooler.  I snapped this picture of Jen with the gift I gave her.  Cupcake onesies!!  I ran across this idea on Pinterest and started making them for all of my friends when they have babies.  It is super easy and super cute.  Hers are 4 onesies and rolled up inside are a few pairs of baby socks and a few washcloths.  There are several variations on making them, some use receiving blankets instead of onesies, but I prefer the onesies and washcloths or onesies and baby socks.

My husband's grandmother's 80th birthday "bash" was over the weekend.  We were told to be there by 12:30 p.m., that was wrong (eyeroll, my friends will totally get why I am rolling my eyes at this).  Anyways, Jeff was not happy at the person who gave us the wrong time, thankfully we were very close to a place I'd been wanting to visit, the Butterfly House.  So we got back in the car and drove a little ways over there.  It was okay, but not a place I'd specifically drive all the way out to visit (it is about 30 minutes from where we live).  It was a good way to kill time though since the party didn't start till 2:30 p.m. (another eyeroll).  Davis always finds someone to latch on to no matter where we go, he found a little girl and decided that he was part of her family.  Yes people, I have THAT kid.  The one that follows people around, chatting them up, acting like he belongs to them, trying to inform them of everything he knows, finally Jeff had to pick him up and remove him from his new found family, haha.

This is for Steffany, I used AV mode just for you :o)

He is thinking.

He discovered the butterfly guide and was insistent we find this particular yellow butterfly, we never did find it.

Davis' new family, he followed them around acting as their tour guide for about 5 minutes, I'm pretty sure they just wanted to be left alone. I think it is cute though.

Walking to the car with daddy, so sweet.

Davis and Mommy.

Davis had his 3 year photo shoot a few weeks ago, I've been dying for a sneak peek.  Our photographer finally put some on her blog today.  LOVE!!!  Check them out here.  If you are local, JEM Photography is amazing!!  I've been a loyal customer since 2006.

Davis started his week long summer camp today.  The theme is camping and he loved it!!  And mommy loved the whole 2.5 hours she had to her lonesome.  I went to the grocery store, got one of my couch to 5K runs in, took a shower and watched the episode of Army Wives from last night.

Until next time.

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Jen and Justin said...

Love the pic of Davis shoving his face with Strawberries :) Thanks for filling me in on how to make the Jam - i so look forward to this every year!

awww a pic of me on your blog :) your Cupcake Onesie Gift Set was ADORABLE! I hated to take it apart when i opened it but i had to see the cuteness that was all rolled up inside the cupcake wrappers :) they are now washed and anxiously awaiting to worn by Baby #2 - any day now :)

Go Figure on the wrong time - and wow that was like way off....nice you got a chance to check out the Butterfly House. Super cute pic of you and Davis too (and don't you just love our tie dye steve madden dress!)

If we ever do go with you, Davis can be our tour guide there anytime ;)