Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Urodynamic Testing Experience

To say this test was uncomfortable and awkward would be an undertatement.

Everyone has different tolerences for things, this is something I didn't tolerate well.

I'd rather be in labor and give birth than to have this test again.

Let me start out by saying, I was very scared going into this, so that probably didn't help my tolerence level.

I walked into the procedure room and starting crying like a baby when I saw all the weird gadgets that would be inserted.  When I found out my doctor was indeed planning on a cystoscopy I really freaked out, to the point that they agreed to allow Jeff in the room to get me calmed down.

It was finally agreed that the cystoscopy would not be done, I was just too scared and too panicked.  The nurse said that she didn't really know why the doctor wanted to do one, it isn't normal procedure so she told me that if the doctor still wanted one they would schedule it at the hospital and I'd be put under anesthesia.

Let the testing begin.

I had to first sit on this weird table, toilet, computerized piece of equipment and pee into a special toilet that measures your urine stream.  Weird.

I could not do this, I got stage fright.


So the nurse emptied my bladder with a catheter which hurt going in and hurt going out and burned like hell.

Next, 3 more catheters were insterted, each one comunicated with the computer, you figure out where they were insterted... 

Now, it is actually fascinating that they have equipment like this, but 3 catheters??  This is where I freaked out.  She started inserting them and I thought I was going to pass out from both fear and pain.

It felt really weird and I was afraid to move with all of these high tech things stuck in my body, not to mention the catheter in my urethra hurt like hell.

Once this was over, I was brought back into an upright position over the special toilet and my bladder was filled with sterile water.

I was asked to tell her when my bladder felt like it does when I know it is time to pee.

Once I got to that point, she had me cough a few times and bear down, like your pooping or giving birth.  This was to see if I leaked urnine, which I don't.

She then continued filling my bladder and I was asked to tell her when I got to the point where I'd actually get up from a TV show I was really into to go to the bathroom.

Once I got to that point, she had me do the same coughing and bearing down again.

She then started filling my bladder really fast and I was asked to tell her when I felt like I just couldn't hold it one more second.

Once I got there we did the coughing, bearing down again.

Then she left the room and I peed into the special toilet and yes the catheters were still inside of me during this.  It was weird, painful and that water was like ICE.

I'm not sure why this was so painful for me, I never had a catheter when I gave birth.  I only had a quick catheter right before delivery to empty my bladder and I was so numb from the epidural I didn't even realize it. 

It has been almost 8 hours after my prodecure and I am still having pain.

The nurse said this happens to some people who might be more sensitive in that area than others.  Figures I'd be one of them.

The good news is, my bladder and all the muscles that go into urination work perfectly so this answers my doctors question, it is indeed a sacral nerve problem and I will go on to have the Medtronic Interstim device implanted.

I will find out tomorrow when my temporary device will be placed and then if that goes well, I'll get a permanent device about 2 weeks after that.

I am really excited about this and after dealing with my issue for over 8 years, I'm ready to feel normal again.


Sassytimes said...

Oh my gosh, that does sound worse than normal child birth. ...and well, awkward to bear down and try not to pee. ;)

And at least with birth you get a cute baby at the end. I guess you get freedom from the potty, right?

I'm surprised they didn't give you local anesthetic? I had surgery on my cervix a few times and opted against the hospital, so they did it in their office with a local (rub on) anesthetic to your 'area'. ;) It didn't take all the pain away, but it took some discomfort away and helped a little.

Rachel A. said...

I'm sorry it was such a bad experience! I'm a google addict, so I tend to freak myself out about medical stuff, too. I should really not google anything health related before seeing a doctor! Lol.

I'm glad they are figuring out the problem and have a way to help you. You'll have so much more "free" time when you aren't peeing every 20 minutes! :)

Dani B said...

Hi. I just saw your post in my search for info on having a urodynamics test. My doc also mentioned the implanted stim. Can you tell me how this turned out for you?

Anonymous said...

I also went thru this horror event in 2013. Afterwards I said - Never, ever again. Well I guess I'm eating those famous words! I found out today that I have to have it done again due to urological problems I'm still having. I would rather someone beat me than go thru it again but being I've had a bacterial UTI since 2010 & part of the time I have to take antibiotics 24/7 I guess I have no choice. Knowing what is going to happen, I am terrified. I feel at this point that they will have to give me something for my nerves! If you've never experienced it you have no clue what we are talking about.

Anonymous said...

I aborted my urodynamic study because of excruciating pain when they tried to force the catheter through the prostate. It was extremely painful!!!!! I would not recommend doing this unless there is a better anesthetic procedure. I just will not go through with this!

Christine Mayor said...

I'm having this done today
I've read up about infections after the procedure
If it's gong to hurt I'll make sure I'll take panadol.
Really can't see me keeping a pint of water in for a hour they know we have bladder problems.
Half pint would be fine for them to scan..
Not looking forward to this today!

savage boii said...

So how did it go. Mine is tomorrow at 10:30am

savage boii said...

My test is tomorrow. I am scared. I have heard it will hurt during and after. I have heard they might have to stick a flexible hose up my rectum I want like that

savage boii said...

Well 10:30 am today Monday 6/12/17

savage boii said...

So is it really bad mine is at 10:30 in a bit
I am scared

Frank Aiosa said...

I have a question for one of u guys. I'm a 42 year old man. I've had a ct scan with contrast and they found nothing !! I've had a cystoscope with the camera and they found again nothing !!! But I feel like I'm leaking all day !! It's like where I pee from always stays moist ! It takes me about 15-20 minutes to dry it and make sure I'm not leaking !! 96 percent of the time I only leak after I pee but I can leak without peeing but it isn't that often. The doctor tried to do the test with the catheter and when she tried to put it in me. I was so irritated from cleaning myself that I jumped out of the stirrups. He has me on tolterondine ER 2mg. But it makes my mouth toungue gums and lips dry and makes me have blurred vision. He said it's an overactive bladder ! Is there another way other then this urodynamic test to see my nerves and muscles ? They had a Kodak camera in there. How can't they see what's going on in there ! I have no pain or blood ! Just a build up of urone after I pee. Please someone help me. I also bought a pill called azo but I don't know if I should take that pill with the tolterodine er 2mg Please give me ur opinions.

Frank Aiosa said...

Somebody please help me with advice. And tell me if anyone of u guys ever went through this !!! Thank u so much

Tracy said...

I had a cystoscopy in the office I didn't feel a thing next is urodynamic testing I've had to tolerate enough pain for an entire lifetime I must this time as well-tired of my bladder fighting me