Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watch Your Kid!!!!

I took Davis to our local park yesterday to celebrate his birthday.

When we arrived I noticed another little boy about his age with his mother.

We ate our lunch first, then we went to play.

I noticed this boy's mother was way more concerned with reading her books, paperwork and chatting on her cell phone than paying any attention to where her 3 year old son was or what he was doing.

Two other mothers noticed this as well and asked me if I knew where his mom was.

I motioned to the lady who was basically hiding in the bushes with her back to the playground, chatting on the phone.

They rolled their eyes and said, I don't care if this park is in "Safetown, Ohio", you just can't do that.

I agreed.

Now, there is a huge difference between chilling on a park bench while keeping a watchful eye on your child and what this woman was doing.

It was bad.

So bad that I actually couldn't sleep over it last night.

As Davis and I were getting ready to leave, I decided we needed to use the bathroom first.

Now, the bathroom is a decent walk from where the park area is at. (if you are know me in real life, you know which park I was at, and the bathroom isn't that close)

Non-attentive mom is chatting away on her cell phone, head down, never bothering to look up to see where her son is at, like she had done the entire 2 hours we were there.

We begin our trek to the bathroom and this little boy starts following us.

I think to myself, okay, fine, any second his mom is going to get up, realize her son is gone and come get him.


I even said loudly several times, "HONEY, YOU BETTER GO BACK TO YOUR MOMMY, WE ARE LEAVING"

Still nothing.

We get halfway to the bathroom and are now really, really quite far away from the playground and she still never notices.

I'm really upset by now, I know that this kid cannot continue following us to the bathroom, it is entirely too far away and besides I am NOT responsible for this kid and I'm not having this mom freak out on me for her child going with us.

So I tell Davis to stop and we need to walk back to return our friend to his mom. He didn't want too, he wanted to stop right where we were and play with our new friend.

Which we did.

For 10 minutes!!!

For 10 god damn minutes hid mom never turned around or bothered to look up to see where her son was.

Finally, she hangs up her phone, gathers her stuff, walks over to whete we are and tells "Nico" (yes his name was Nico) it was time to go get his brother at school.

She never once said, oh my, I had no idea my son was all the way over here nor did she seem the least bit concerned about him or the fact he was a good 500 feet away with a total stranger.

So many things could have happened to this child, someone could have nabbed him, he could have walked away far enough and made it out onto a very busy street, he could have gotten lost in that park, I could go on and on and on.

All because the mom was so self involved that she didn't care.

I thought about this all night and have decided that if I ever encounter something like this again, that mom will get my two cents about not watching her child.

I don't care where you live or where you are, nothing is safe anymore.

All it takes is 1 second for something to happen.

You don't have to be a helicopter parent, but PAY ATTENTION!!!!!


Sassytimes said...


Do people really think that just because that park is in Sylvania that they don't have to watch their kids? Really? Come on now... I see creepos there all the time. That park freaks me out when I have all the kids with me because you can not keep an eye on them when they go two different ways. I hope that lady keeps a better eye on her kid next time.

Wrestling Kitties said...

oh my gosh, that makes my stomach sick thinking about what could happen because a phone call or book was more important than her son.

And thank goodness it wasn't a creeper who noticed this and decided to walk off with the child. How can a parent be like that, it doesn't make sense.

(I bet Nico is a lonely child....and that makes me even more sad)