Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obsession Monday.......errrrrr Tuesday

Mommy brain, what can I say??

Now onto Obession Monday a day late.

Bugaboo introduced their latest stroller, yes folks, they have a double and it is just cool enough to make me consider another baby.  See it on the left as a single with a super cool sidecar storage basket and on the right as a double.  It looks amazing.  My guess is this puppy will cost a lot, considering their lightweight Bee stroller costs $649, the Frog is $759, and the Cameleon is $979.  I am guessing this stroller will be sold like the Baby Jogger City Select, as a single and then the seat and extras to make it a double will be well extra.  Bugaboo is notorious for selling all the extras for their single strollers individually so I'm sure they will do it with the double.  My prediction for the cost of the stroller as a single is $1300 and once you add on the extra seat, car seat adapter, etc....  I think it will be around $1700, maybe $1800 to make it a double.  I'll be surprised if it is any cheaper.  People will pay it though, Bugaboo owners love their Bugaboos and if they can afford it they will do it.  Even if they cannot afford it, they will find a way.  Truly I am happy they came out with this.  Would I really buy it if we had a 2nd baby??  Depends on the price so the chances are 50/50.  I am not a fan of side by side double strollers at all, even if it does bear the Bugaboo name. I prefer a tandem double stroller.  I've been eyeballing the Baby Jogger City Select since it was released.  But we are only having one kid, remember..........

It is about time I got the baby weight off.  My friend Ericka swears by Winsor Pilates, so I'm giving it a shot.  I've been doing it for a week now and honestly I've been sore.  I've been doing this along with going to the gym almost every night after Jeff gets off work.  We shall see.

My Starbucks grande size reusable cold cup.  LOVE IT!!!!!  Good luck finding one in a store though, they sell out quick.  I snagged mine a few weeks back at the Starbucks counter in our local Kroger store.  The girl told me they can't keep them in stock fast enough.  Thanks for the thumbs up sign Kiko.  Okay, his name isn't Kiko, but he looks like a Kiko, right?? 

Not my obsession, Davis' obsession.  Tinkerbell and The Lost Treasure.  I DVR'd this a few weeks ago for him and he loves it.  We watch it every night after bathtime.  He gets up on my lap and we watch this movie together, usually he falls alseep while watching.

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Jen and Justin said...

let me know how the pilates works out for you.

and did you take that pic of the starbucks guy at your starbucks or is that a photo you took from the web. if that's a toledo starbucks worker it's cracking me up that you took the pic!!