Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Scared, Are You?

Yes, those are stirrup pants and Yes, they're baaaaaaack!!!!
I spotted an entire rack of these babies at Macy's and I wasn't in the old lady deparement either.

And to make this matter even scarier a popular jeans designer has come out with stirrup jeans, yes folks, stirrup jeans. 7 for All Mankind is now selling uber expensive stirrup jeans. I might spend $170 on a pair of awesome jeans, but I wouldn't spend $.10 on a pair of stirrup jeans.

I did not enjoy the comeback of the skinny jean, mostly because I'm way to curvy for them, but I can live with the skinny jean. I cannot live with a stirrup pant comeback though. It is like Kindergarten through the 2nd grade all over again.

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