Tuesday, July 7, 2009


That is how much money I would have made by the time Davis turns 4 months old if I were making $10 per hour as a stay at home mom. I work every day of the week, no weekends off for me and I work approximately 16 hours per day. That means I've worked 1,920 hours in just 4 months. Imagine how much I'd be owed if I were paid overtime or paid $20 an hour.

Maybe I do deserve a Bugaboo stroller..........

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Amy said...

What's a mom worth?

According to one report, $138,095 a year.

I found that little tid-bit in some old msn money article. Milo better start finding a way to pay my salary! He's almost on 2 years of back pay, not to mention the taxes.

Post some more pics of your little man when you get a chance :)