Friday, January 18, 2013

The Versace Bag

I walk into my gym the other afternoon and spot this woman walking extremely slow on the treadmill (about 2.0) and with a very high step (think knees up to her chest).

I'm assuming this is her cool down of some sort, but she continues this odd walk for the entire time I'm on my treadmill which is about 30 minutes.

The guys next to her are giggling inside the entire time and I have to say after a while, so was I.

It was just strange.

I got off the treadmill and went about my business, working out in the 30 minute room and when I come out she is still there doing this slow walk, covered and I mean covered in sweat.

I went over to the ab area for a while and when I came back she wasn't on the treadmill.

I walk into the locker room and there she is.

First she informs me one of the paper towel dispensers is out of paper towels. I thank here for telling me, grab a paper towel from the opposite side and walk way.

And this is where it went from weird to weirder.

Weird girl: (shouting this to me as she fiddles around in a bathroom stall) Yeah, you can thank me later for telling you about the paper towels

Me: I just walk away and go to my locker to gather my things thinking how could she not hear me thank her the first time

Weird girl: Hi, I love to workout here, don't you?

Me: Ummm, yeah, it's nice

Weird girl: Look at my bag, isn't in gorgeous.  I got it to bring here as motivation. (as she is doing some Vanna White move showing off that the front says VERSACE)

Me: Oh, that's nice, we all need motivation

Weird girl: Yeah, I just love the color of this bag (still doing her Vanna White moves), I really shouldn't bring a bag like this here but it's just so big and fits my gym stuff perfectly and it is my motivation to come here

Me: Uh huh

Weird girl: This is just one of he perks of my job, this bag, you know, isn't it awesome

Me: Yeah, it's nice (as I pull my re-usable grocery sack out of the locker that doubles as my gym bag)

Weird girl: Where did you used to workout at?

Me: Lifestyles

Weird girl: Me too!!!  Do you recognize me??  I was there all the time

Me: No, I had a kid and took 3 years off

Weird girl: Oh, a kid?  Didn't that just ruin your body?

Me: Not really (now trying to figure out my quickest escape route)

Weird girl: Look at how sweaty I am, isn't it disgusting?  I really need to shower, but I've gotta go shopping, a girl needs stuff, you know?

Me: Uh huh (slowly walking towards the exit)

Weird girl: Hey, look at this (now spraying herself down with body spray). Victorias Secret!!  $3!! Who needs a shower when you've got this!!

Me: at this point I just nod my head and basically run out the door

This was by far the strangest encounter I've ever had at a gym.

Her tone and mannerisms where just so weird.

I'm still shaking my head about it.

I hope I never see her or her Versace again.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

OMG. Laughing over here. I had a similar experience recently out eating lunch. Some weird woman would NOT leave me alone. I gobbled down my food so I could bolt out of there!

Sunidaze said...

Earbuds are your friend...particularly in situations like this! After a workout, mine do not come out of my ears until I know the coast is clear or I am actually feeling like being social.

Wrestling Kitties said...

What?!?! hahaha, that is so strange. Some needs attention, doesn't she!