Monday, January 14, 2013

From Authentic to Awesome

A blogger I follow posted at the end of one of her posts last week about how sad it makes her to see blogs go from authentic to awesome.

Let me explain.

We've all had those blogs we started following because they were authentic, about real life, relatable, etc...

Then somewhere along the way that blog becomes super popular and the blogger is now famous in blog land.

They've gone from "for fun" blogger to "for profit" blogger.

Their blog quickly loses it's authentic feel and becomes awesome.

They now only care about topping their last post, making it even more awesome, so they can make more money off of ads.

I hate that 75% of the blogs I started following over 5 years ago have turned into this.

I don't even read those blogs anymore because they are fake, pointless, heartless, money makers and that makes me sad.

Bring the authenticity back!!!

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Wrestling Kitties said...


This frustrates me. Not everyone can make a living off blogs, infact it is rare. But it seems everyone wants to and many blogs feel for show and just not "real". I second the authenticity back!