Monday, February 18, 2013


A month ago we decided to sell our house.

It gets listed this week.

Now I'm having second thoughts.


Inventory is low, low, low.

And homes are selling quickly.

Which is why we decided to sell.

However, this problem isn't leaving much for us.

We've been through several homes and I hated every single one.

I'm so afraid we will sell our home, not find a house and regret selling.

I need a drink.


Sassytimes said...

Focus on the reasons you are selling to begin with. Even if your house sells and you don't find your dream home yet, there are a lot of nice apartments in town. Take your time. Don't settle. Or take the opportunity to build. You won't regret taking your time...even if it means a little inconvenience in the short term. ;)

Wrestling Kitties said...

Yep, Sassytimes said it perfectly :)

But in the meantime, go ahead and have a drink anyway!