Monday, November 19, 2012


I've been really neglecting my blog lately.

I'm going to make a point to blog at least 2 times a week, I promise.

For now I leave you with some random updates.

1. Christmas is approaching fast, as much as I love the holidays, I also cannot wait for them to be over.  Is that wrong?

2. I got my hair trimmed yesterday, I've decided to grow it out, I did ask her for a little swoopy bang and I'm kind of loving it.  Despite the warning from my retired hair stylist mother that I'd hate it....gotta love moms.

3. I bought this AMAZING coat from Land's End.  I've been eyeing it since I first saw it in their catalog back in August, but I was not paying full price for it.  It finally went on sale and I had a 30% off coupon code.  I got it in yellow and I had two compliments on it at work yesterday!!

4. I seriously love my job.  Going back to work (part time) was the best thing I could have done for myself.  As crazy as this sounds, it has really boosted my self esteem and I just feel good about going to work every day and doing something other than pick up toys all day.  Most of my IRL friends know where I work and while I don't want to disclose on my blog my exact place of employment I'll just say that I work for nuns, I love them, they are awesome and my big news is that I've been asked to work for a different order of nuns in this area a few hours each week as well.  I'm super excited, I guess that means I'm liked, right?? 

5. I'm loving all of the songs Davis is learning at preschool. It is beyond adorable when we are driving and he busts out singing "This Little Light of Mine". 

6. I'm really leaning towards not putting Davis in our public school system when it is time to enroll him for Kindergarten.  I know it is still 2 years away, but they start enrolling for the private schools in January so I'll have to decide by January 2014 what we are doing. Not that I don't think public schools are great, they are, especially ours but I'm just not feeling it for him. I guess we will see how this plays out over the next year.

7. Speaking of school, his preschool starts enrolling for the next school year in January.  Existing students get first dibs and he will of course be attending the fabulous Montessori school again next year.  I'll be bumping him up to 4 days a week instead of our current 2 days a week. 

8. My sister has met a fabulous guy and I'm secretly hoping they get engaged so I can plan a wedding!!!  Squeeeeeee!!!!! 

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Sunidaze said...

Why not keep Davis in a Montessori school? Shawn's cousin's son went to one up until he moved on to St. John's (or was it St. Francis...can't remember). As for us...we decided long ago that Stella will not be attending TPS. I was hoping we would be moved out of Toledo by the time she starts school...but that is not likely so it will more than likely be Christ the King.