Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I live in Northern Ohio.

When we are coming out of Winter and the weather hits the low 60s people think it is summer. They bust out the shorts and flip flops.

I find humor in the fact that now that we are coming out of Summer and it is in the mid 60s people around here think it is Winter. Boots, sweaters, coats, etc....

I get people are just ready for a change of season and change of wardrobe but I can still poke fun at it.

See you in March, the first day it hits 60 I'll be in my flip flops and shorts.


Sunidaze said...

But ya know...this year has just been screwy all around so that now it has dropped into the 60s...it is damn cold! Remember...we saw 90s or damn near close to it in March!

(btw...started a new blog...abandoned the last one back in Feb...maybe I will be good about maintaining the new one...that is the plan at least)

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I'm so guilty! I haven't really broke out sweaters and winter coats but definitely the boots! And some warmer jackets. :)